The Experientialist® Awards categories

Most OutThere travel brand

This category recognises revolutionary, mindful and forward-looking travel brands of all sizes and geographies – from hotels and resorts; to travel designers and tour operators; to cruises and experiences; to destination brands – that demonstrate unrivalled and holistic innovation, inclusivity, creativity and excellence across all aspects of their operations, linked specifically to OutThere’s core values of diversity, discovery and discernment.

Most OutThere champion

People make travel. We have always held in great esteem the leaders in luxury and experiential travel – both individuals and collectives – who through stewardship, creativity, innovation and tenacity have driven market-defining experiences and initiatives. They are role models and inspirations for their team members, defy the odds and deliver excellence in personalisation, diversity and inclusion, and guest experience. They can be hoteliers, tourism business owners, guides, rangers, ship captains, tourism ministers, heads of destination marketing organisations, or leaders and rising stars in travel operations, sales, communications and PR. Whoever they are, they should be pushing the boundaries and redefining the status quo of luxury travel.

Most OutThere initiative in inclusive travel

OutThere has always been the leading voice of inclusivity and intersectionality in luxury and experiential travel, representing travellers who seek a heightened level of personalisation and belonging when they head out into the world: simply because of who they are, how they identify, who they’re travelling with and who they love. We’re also all about amplifying the stories of minorities in the travel space, who are creating or are part of unique and visionary adventures that celebrate and bring to life the history and richness of their communities. This category honours the travel brands, destinations and experiences that are making a difference in this regard and are truly dedicated to personalisation, inclusivity and diversity in their work.

Most OutThere initiative in community, conservation and sustainability

Social responsibility continues to be a core pillar for many of today’s luxury travel brands, encouraging travellers to journey with purpose and not just be conscious about where they travel, but also how they travel, why and who with. We have always believed that travel should – as much as possible – be regenerative, ‘give back’ or have a sense of ‘greater good’. It is heartwarming to see so many brands create initiatives that foster a deep and empathetic understanding of humanity, nature and sustainable custodianship, and garner support for them from their guests, travellers and the public at large. This category commends and rewards the very best social responsibility projects in community, conservation and sustainability, related to mindblowing travel experiences and true to OutThere’s core values.

*The winning project for the Most OutThere initiative in community, conservation and sustainability will be the recipient of proceeds collected from entry donations.

The OutThere awards

In addition, we are thrilled to showcase six additional Experientialist Awards categories that celebrate the luxury travel brands, that like us, are rooted in diversity, discovery and discernment. Linked to the six OutThere’s traveller profiles, we are looking for hotels, resorts, cruises, experiences, journeys and itineraries that are not just stellar, but also transformative.

*These categories will be shortlisted by a panel of judges and then voted on by OutThere subscribers.

The Sophisticate award
Luxurious, taste-making, out-of-this-world properties, journeys and experiences.

The Escapist award
Brands and journeys that celebrate ‘getting away from it all’, wellbeing and peace of mind.

The Culturalist award
Brands with culture at their heart, not just limited to the Arts, but also the local community and destination that they’re in.

The Adventurer award
Brands with a sense of adventure and discovery, that gets travellers into the great outdoors and pushes their boundaries.

The Hedonist award
Simply indulgent, mindblowing properties and experiences rooted in fun and celebration.

The Insider award
Brands centred all around ‘being in the know’ – otherwise hard to access, but made available because of the brand’s innovation, creativity and connections.

Featured image: photography by Martin Perry, shot on location at Glen Artney, Scotland, special thanks to Gleneagles.

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